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Bloodied Red Star

Synopsis - The Great War is over, but the fighting is not. The newly independent nations along the Baltic Sea are now fighting for their lives against the Soviets, the Ukrainians, and each other. The surviving members of Jasta von Steuben have been offered commissions to fly in defense of the new countries, and to pass on their aerial combat experience to the pilots of the fledgling air forces.

Bloodied Red Star, the second book in the Jasta von Steuben series, chronicles the pilot’s exploits in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.  Just as they did over Western Europe, the men battle for control of the skies, and work to protect the ground forces of their adopted countries. In the course of the combat, they briefly join forces with American compatriots who are fighting as part of the Polish Kościuszko Squadron.  
While the engagements are not on the same scale as that of the Great War, the intensity of combat is; including the ever present threat of death. Surprises, old friends and enemies re-enter their lives as the men find common cause with the pilots they now serve with, who less than a year previously they may have been trying to kill.

Due to be released by Richardson Publishing in 2012.

Olmec Falcon

Pyramid-at-Chichen-Itza-similar-to-one-featured-in-Garys-up-and-coming-novel     Gary-in-Cancun-Mexico-doing-research-for-another-up-and-coming-novel

Gary on his trip to Mexico to study the buildings and the temples at Chichen Itza, the ruins at Tulum, to gather information about Mesoamerican life in Mexico, and the ancient cultures that lived in the Yucatan and eastern coastal areas of the country. The purpose was to gain information for an upcoming novel he is writing about the almost unknown culture referred to as the Olmec by modern historians because they don’t really know what to call this ancient group of American natives. But one thing was certain; they were a highly advanced culture with a well-educated class of people and had an astounding understanding of astronomy, math and science. They were far ahead of their European and Asian counterparts. Watch for the book OLMEC FALCON in 2013.

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