Quotes from The Kaiser's Yanks

Here’s a real find…a nicely written and well-researched novel.
-   Greg VanWyngarden, author of Aircraft of the Aces series and Richthofen’s Circus from Osprey Publishing

This is just about everything a book should have…terrific, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is hard to put down and it kept me glued right up to the last page. Gary’s writing is very expressive with a tremendous knowledge of World War One and his understanding and love of the aircraft used comes through loud and clear. He brings the characters to life and you quickly develop strong feelings for them. Very impressive in scope. One of the best novels about aviation history I’ve read. I can’t wait to see this as a movie.
-    Robert Gasche, USMC veteran, retired College of Education professor and Media Director at the University of Florida

I really enjoyed reading this book. A very unique insight into what the American mindset and experience was when fighting for the Germans.
-    Grant Nailing, history teacher Rock Lake Middle School

"Intriguing idea! What if Americans had fought for Germany in World War One? This is great storytelling, with a very unique writing style, fast-paced action, a good blend of historical accuracy, and riveting dialogue that keeps your interest page after page.
-    Skip Clark, author of Blood Memory: Eye for an Eye

Phenomenal story! The development of each character before heading to the war also personalized the story, creating more of an attachment to each of the main characters.
-     Major Robert Tyler, U.S. Army (Retired)

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